May 20-24: Minnesota Broker Course IN PERSON Weekdays


May 20-24, 2024, 8:30AM to 5:00PM
MN Realty School Roseville

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This 30-hour course will focus on the responsibilities of broker supervision and obligations. Being a supervising broker in Minnesota requires a knowledge of transactions, an understanding of handling of money and a skill of dealing with various peoples. At times, the position can require dispute resolution as well as reviewing paperwork their sale associates complete.

Some sales agents like to earn their broker license for validity of their continued education toward being a better fiduciary to their clients. These associates will learn the importance of the license of “Broker” even through they may not be acting in a supervisory capacity.

Regardless, if the class is being done for obtaining a license to supervise (pre-license) or as Continuing Education, all parties will learn about the importance of the role of the Broker

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

  • Handling sales associates and supervising them correctly.
  • Maintaining records.
  • Dispute resolution
  • Trust account requirements
  • Fair housing and agency issues and resolutions
  • Basic real estate principles