The Process Of Getting Your License

TAKE THE COURSES: You must complete Courses 1, 2, & 3. We are offering in-person classes as well as Live Webinars!

PASS THE EXAM: You’ll be well-prepared to take the state-required exam, from PSI Exams.

BEGIN SELLING: After passing the exam, you’ll find a Broker, apply for your license, and start selling!


How Much Does It Cost To Get A Real Estate License?

To get a license in Minnesota, an applicant must complete 3 courses (called Courses 1, 2 and 3) and pass a state-required exam (contains 2 sections-National and State) and pay an application fee. Our courses are $279 each (total of $837), the state-required exam is $78 and the application fee is $140.

What Do The Terms Mean: Sales Associate, Agent, Realtor, Broker?

A sales associate is a person who helps others buy/sell/lease real estate under the supervision of another party called a Broker. The broker and the sales associate act as Agents of clients. A person who has access to the Multiple Listing Service, abides by a Code of Ethics is called a Realtor®.

When Can I Start The Course?

Our courses run regularly throughout the year. We run them weekends, evenings, and weekdays. You can start (and finish) at your convenience.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?
Each course is 30 hours. In our weekend and weekday classes, we do four (4) days of 7.5 hours each day. Our weekday class runs Monday to Thursday. Weekends are spread over 2 weekends. Our evening course is 3.75 hours each evening and takes 8 evenings to complete each course.
Is There A Course Final Exam?

Yes. At the end of each class, we hand out an assessment which is not a pass/fail. It is simply an assessment that the learner was listening and present in class.

What Happens If I Fail The State Exam?

The exam may be taken repeatedly (for a fee) as many times as needed. There is no need to take classes over again. We do offer free re-takes of a completed course as many times as a learner would like (up to 1 year from completion of course).

Is Your Real Estate School Licensed By The State Of Minnesota?
Our school is licensed by the state of Minnesota’s Department of Commerce. Since 2012, we have put thousands of satisfied students through our successful program. We also use the most up-to-date Realtor forms and laws with permission by the Legislature of Minnesota and the State Association of Realtors.
Where Do I Take The State Exam, and How Do I Schedule It?

The exam is administered by PSI Exams. Their website is for scheduling. Using their site, you can select up to 3 testing locations to search available test times. The exam takes 4 hours to complete.

What Topics Are On The State Exam?

The exam covers real estate agents’ legal requirements, from meeting a customer at an open house, to disclosures of condition of property, handling contracts, assisting in the financing of the loan, closing/recording the sale, and fair housing and representation.

Is It Difficult To Find An Agency To Work For? Does Your Real Estate School Offer Job Placement?

Many companies have recruiters who seek new agents regularly. There are many companies who would love to offer you a position at their agency. By law, the we cannot recommend or promote any individual business.

Can I Do Real Estate Part-time?
Absolutely. Buyers and sellers are usually looking/showing houses in the evening hours and weekends. As long as it doesn’t conflict with your other employment, you can make a nice income doing real estate part time.
What Can I Do With A Real Estate License?
In Minnesota, you can help sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. The types of properties include residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural types of property. You can manage a townhouse association as a property manager. There are no additional certificates needed!
Does My MN License Work In Other States?

No. You would have to perform the needed steps in any of the other 49 states to get your license. But, Minnesota does have a reciprocal relationship where you can get a license if you live in Minnesota and have a broker in North Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska. There are no educational or testing requirements. If you would like a license in Wisconsin or South Dakota, a shortened course (1 or 2 days) and the state exam is all that is needed as a Minnesota resident. In any of the other 42 states, you would need to take their version of the 90-hour class and take the exams specific to that state.

Does Your Real Estate School Offer Continuing Education?

We offer many courses to help you grow as a businessperson, a negotiator and as a Realtor. Our classes are designed for continuous improvement. Learn about successfully negotiating contracts in our Negotiation series. Want to break into the world of Commercial? We have a series of Commercial-specific classes. We offer classes in our locations as well at local Associations and many of the firms in the state.

What Are Some Personality Traits Of Successful Agents?
To be successful, having an entrepreneur-mentality is critical. Running your own business is a tough business. Having attitudes of perseverance, client-centered and an enjoyment of being helpful to people are the ingredients to “Success Recipe”. Timeliness, smiles, tenacity and a positive mental attitude are most helpful!