Check-in begins 30 minutes before class. Our class opener will help with your registration and give you your course materials. We provide complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate in our reception area. We have a small refrigerator for student use if you want to pack lunch. The break room is equipped with tables, chairs, microwave, sink, pop and snack machines.

Courses must be attended in their entirety. You must arrive on time and attend the entire class in order to get your course completion certificate. Minnesota rules require that we monitor attendance.

Missed unit(s) or section(s): You are responsible for tracking your attendance with our attendance card system. We offer licensing courses weekends, weekdays and evenings in 2 locations. If you miss a unit/section, you can make it up in another series. If you are late to class, hand in your attendance card to the instructor so that we will identify what section needs to be made up.

Dress in comfortable, casual clothing. We recommend dressing in layers so that you can maintain your personal comfort. For the comfort of all students, we ask that you refrain from wearing strong scents (perfumes and colognes) in the classroom.

Refund policy. If you wish to get a refund, we will refund your tuition within 90 days of initial payment. No refunds are issued for completed courses.

Changing class. If you planned on attending a certain course on a specific date and cannot make that date, you can take the course at another time convenient to you at no charge within 1 year of initial registration.

Education only zone. There is no recruiting permitted in our facility by staff or students. Our classrooms are education-only.

Smoking: Smoking/vaping is permitted outside in designated areas. Keep all lighted smoking materials and vaping at least 15 feet from building entrances per MN law. Please put butts and debris in receptacles.

Parking. We have ample free parking surrounding our buildings. Do not leave valuables in open view, remember to lock vehicle doors. Do not park in designated “Visitor Only” or “Delivery Vehicle” spots.

Cell phones and computers. We ask that as a courtesy to others, please do not use your computer or cell phone during class. There will be adequate breaks to allow time to return emails and calls.

Recording. Recording is prohibited.

Repeating Coursework. Students may come back to our school to review previously completed pre-license coursework at no charge for up to one year from initial attendance.



Students can return to MN Realty School and attend previously completed courses for review as many times as they like at no charge for up to 1 year!